Lemons and plate

Oil on wood

Antonio Fuertes

b. 1970 Andalusia, Spain
Lives and works in Amsterdam, Netherlands


Fuertes is particularly renowned for his still lifes, in which light plays a key role. ‘I often imagine my paintings as a theatre stage. The light is given the

role of director, determining what will happen on stage and what the actors will do.’ The light is bringing the canvas to life and makes the image almost

As actors, the painter introduces often familiar elements of classical still lifes, particularly fruit: ‘During my youth in Andalusia fruit was everywhere: oranges, lemons, figs, mandarins, pears and so on. My father had a ‘huerta’, a kind of orchard that produced the finest and most delicious fruit. For me it was a kind of paradise.’


His technique is in line with that of classical master painters of the Golden Age such as Rembrandt, Velázquez and Ribera. The multiple layers –at least
15- of transparent paint and relief in the paint skin provide the depth that is so characteristic of Antonio Fuertes’ still lifes.

About the Artist Antonio Fuertes